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10 Kissing Tips That Will Drive Her Crazy


A kiss is a delight. Moreover, kissing a beautiful girl is a double pleasure. How to kiss a girl to meet all her expectations, show her the best of all you can, and seem to be the perfect lover and hero? It’s simple. The main answer is to have fun, and all other tips you will find below in this article.

Check the freshness of your breath

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The girl doesn’t want to feel the flavor of garlic or other repelling fragrant bouquets after the kiss because it can ultimately discourage any desire. Before a date or meeting, clean the teeth and tongue, also rinse your mouth with a special liquid! To maintain a pleasant breath drink regular water instead of soft drinks on a date. In addition, you can eat a spearmint or chew peppermint gum for a few minutes in the middle of a date. If you’re in a restaurant, grab your favorite air freshener for the mouth. After the dinner, apologize and say you have to go to the bathroom. Refresh your breath and after that, check that you breath smells good: keep a hand near the face, exhale and rate the smell.

Flirt a little

Flirting should help to create the right mood. Compliment the girl’s clothing, she will love it! If she playfully pushes or teases you in a friendly way, then she wants you to touch her. Don’t go beyond what is permitted, just take her hand and pretend that you want to show her something. She will mentally thank you if you don’t make awkward situations with confused looks and a glow of shame. If you are brave enough, embrace her waist when you start laughing together and say something playful like “You’re so cute!” If a girl likes that, offer to ride her on the back or tickle her. Don’t do it constantly, and when you do, do not forget about respect. Don’t grab her ass or B.reasts. Flirting will help her to open up for kissing you. Think of kissing as reaching the top of the mountain. To reach the peak, you must go a little bit first.

Select the right moment

The correct time will greatly facilitate your task. Excellent opportunity for a kiss is the end of the date when you say goodbye when you go out for a walk or after watching the film at the cinema. You will notice that all these happy moments are quite intimate, so it is important to choose a time when the two of you are alone. The first kiss should not be in a public place. It is not necessary to kiss and tell everyone about the kiss. It’s rude.

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Start slowly

Slowly move your face towards her. This is a universal signal that you are going to kiss a girl. So you will give the girl a choice to show you if she’s uncomfortable, also it will protect you from the risk of a slap in the face. Close your eyes only when you start to kiss.  Approach her with your head a bit to the side. If your head is in the same position as hers, your noses will touch instead of lips. First, try the simple kiss with a closed mouth. Don’t incorporate your mouth yet.

Watch her reaction

Move slowly and keep an eye on her response. If she prefers to kiss deeply and passionately, then she will detain your lips; you won’t have to make a lot of movements. If you want, gently put your hand on her face or slowly slide his thumb across her cheek. However, do not forget to hug her waist or lower back with the other arm.


You would be surprised how many people who are not accustomed to kissing forgetting to breathe. Breathe through your nose if you need to breathe. Nevertheless, hold the kiss as long as possible! Although, who even thinks about breathing in the middle of a long passionate kiss? Kiss, as Byron said, “with a long ecstasy of youth and love.” Not so long ago, there was a competition in kissing in Chicago to determine which couple can last without interruption for the longest kiss. One pair was able to hold the kiss for 15 hours! Think about it! Fifteen hours! However, if you want to continue kissing, but can’t figure out how to get air to breathe, try to go from kissing her lips to kissing on the cheek or forehead.

Learn how to French kiss

In short, the French kiss is the contact of tongues. There are many of the techniques of its performance. For example, either both or one tongue can work. At the beginning of the kiss, you can just open your mouth and wait for the girl to make the first move, but in most cases, the initiative should be yours. Imagine that the girl’s mouth is your mouth. Do the same movements that you can do in your mouth: gently move the tongue, carefully touch teeth of the girl. Move confidently, but don’t do anything that wouldn’t like to feel yourself. The best start is a variety of kisses with lips, during which you just slightly open your mouth. This is the time when many guys start to get nervous. Don’t panic if your heart starts beating faster and faster. In such circumstances, it is natural! Kiss with your mouth open causes strange but very pleasing sensations. It is entirely possible that your partner will repeat your action and open the mouth. If not, try to suck her lower lip. It might help her to relax. When she opens her mouth, the only thing you have to do is to start working with the tongue.

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Kiss her passionately

To kiss passionately, you need to suck on the lips of the partner. This kiss should not be long, when the lips get tired, then slowly stop the kiss. In any case, don’t stop the kiss sharply and unexpectedly. Otherwise, you get a loud bang, which can scare passers-by, and even alert the police. If the kiss is stopped right, you may hear only a little hiss emanating from your semi-open lips. If you do the kiss correctly, you will feel the pleasant feeling of numbness and torpor slowly spreading throughout the body. You will feel a pleasant fatigue and bliss, similar to that feels work after I unloaded alone a wagon of bricks.

Try the talking kiss technique

This kind of kiss was often used by courtiers for the seduction of the beloved at the court of Louis XV. The lovers tightly pressed lips to lips and whisper tenderness, compliments, delicate madrigals and poems to each other. This kiss requires serious preparation. First, you need to learn a few poems. Secondly, as well as before any other kisses, brush your teeth, refrain from eating and drinking alcohol, and especially smoking. The duration of this kiss can vary. If you run out of the learned poems, you can go for prose. If you suddenly don’t know what else to say, remember a fun rhyme. Some girls like the conversational kisses (because women are known to love with the ears), and if your girlfriend is one of them, you will soon become a connoisseur of poetry.

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Remember not to do the following

– Stick your tongue too far. Girls often think that it’s gross and unpleasant. Besides, it just makes it hard to breathe!

– Try to learn to curb the flow of saliva to prevent your partner from choking. It is best to swallow your own saliva about once a minute during a French kiss.

– Kissing like a hungry fish. Some guys are so eager to show the passion that they work his mouth like a fish swallowing prey. It looks stupid and may cause laughter or irritation.

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