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Here is a Cheatlist for you: 7 Things Ladies Do Wrong During BJ




We usually don’t want to complain much about the bl@.wj@b, but here are some things for your consideration.

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Guys love bl@.wj@b, we enjoy it so much that we would say yes to one 99.9% of the time. As much as we love it, there are some things that we find weird during fellatio and would like to highlight with possible solutions as well as compiled by Cosmopolitan 

1. It’s almost impossible for the entire Pen.!s to fit in your mouth

You can probably fit it all in if his d.!ck is small but ideally you cannot put all of the Pen.!s in your mouth. Don’t be dismayed. “A lot of women think they’re supposed to deep-throat like P@.rn stars,” S3@.x:’ therapist Vanessa Marin tells Cosmopolitan. “You can give an excellent blow job without needing to obliterate your gag reflex. The trick is to use your hands: Use your mouth and tongue to focus on the head, and provide wetness. Use your hand on the shaft, to create pressure.” Zoe Ligon , S3@.x:’ educator and founder of S3@.x:’ toy store Spectrum Boutique, echoes this advice: : “By using one or two hands, plus a bit of lube, you can essentially create an extension of your mouth,” she says. Then, “you can allow your partner to thrust intensely — almost as though they’re F**.Cking your mouth — while being able to control how deep they’re actually going.”

2. Take it easy with the gagging

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If your partner is one of those guys that love the feel of you gagging. You don’t have to it all the time. You can create the same sensation as the d.!ck hitting the back of your throat with directing the head of the d.!ck towards the roof of your mouth. It’ll have the same effect and everybody is happy.

3. You love deepthroat, but haven’t gotten into the groove yet

You’re sold on the deep throating thing but you can’t seem to do it right. “Any position where the head is tilted back and aligns your mouth with your throat,” Ligon says. She has also spoken about the 69 position while you keep your beck flush with your partner’s stomach, you can also squat instead of kneeling when you’re giving the head. “Pain is the body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down or stop what you’re doing, and if you’re unable to feel that signal, you risk causing serious damage to your throat,” Ligon says. “And as someone who has thrown up on a d.!ck during a drunk deep-throat blow job, maybe consider saving your deep throat explorations for when you have a settled stomach.”

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4. Take it easy on your neck.

Most of the motion here are neck motions. You can allow your partner hold the back of your head and guide your head. Please have a talk with your partner before he uses his hand to guide your head back and forth from his shaft.

5. D.!ck doesn’t taste that great at all

You might think it tastes like strawberry because of how P@.rn star make you feel like they cannot get enough of it. The taste isn’t going to be that delicious. You should suggest a shower for your partner before going there or better still, you can try flavored lube.

6. When to stop

This is of genuine concern to ladies, depending on the kind of guy you’re giving a head, if he’s one of the vocal ones, and you’re sensing his moans are becoming louder than usual. It might mean he’s close to org@.$m. Unless you want to swallow his cum, it might be great to stop then use your hands or wait for his cue for you to stop.

7. Your jaw is painful

You don’t really have to put the d.!ck in your mouth throughout the time while you’re blowing him. You can stroke it with your hands, rub the d.!ck over your B@.0bs while your jaw relaxes. The d.!ck won’t go limp if it’s out of your mouth for a while.

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