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No Wonder We Love It So Much! 11 Surprising Facts About Org@sm




Some of us don't know much about org@.$m but we have felt it and loved it. Here are some surprising things to know

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The intense sweet sensation that org@.$m gives deserves all the scientific research put into it. An org@.$m can literally change how your day goes, make your mood better. For something that simple, there are certainly some things that are still weirdly surprising about org@.$m.

Here are 11 facts about org@.$m as compiled by our favorite S3@.x:’pert, Tracey Cox, DailyMail

1. For every 3 org@.$ms a guy has, a woman has one

How lucky can men be in this world, According to a large scale study of American adults, it was discovered that one in three women have trouble achieving org@.$m with their partner and eighty percent cannot climax with V@.g!nal intercourse alone. According to the study, most women have no problem having org@.$m during masturbation or with S3@.x:’ toys such as vibrators, and also lesbians have as much org@.$ms as men.

2. Men can ejaculate without org@.$m and org@.$m without ejaculating.

You probably have found this out one way or the other that ejaculation and org@.$m are 2 different things. Ejaculation is the release of semen in the body while org@.$m is more in the brain, the sweet sensation.

3. Some women org@.$m during childbirth

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It’s weird but true. According to a survey in the Journal of S3@.x:’ologies in the U.S, midwives have reported that they have witnessed org@.$m in 0.3% of birth. According to anatomy, it isn’t strange at all because intense stimulation that happens during childbirth can work to deflect the pain.

4. The distance between the clitoris and V@.g!nal opening can predict the possibility of V@.g!nal org@.$m.

The distance between these parts matter, if the space between them is the width of an average thumb then it’s quite possible that the clitoris will get stimulated while the d.!ck thrusts in and out.

5. Org@.$ms can make you high

Org@.$ms are so darn good that it can make you high. It can give you the same sensation as when an heroin user shoots up. Brain scan on men during org@.$m reveals that there are parts of the brain that lights up during an org@.$m that can make you feel high.

6. Pregnancy can still occur if he didn’t cum or reach org@.$m

This one has been in discussion for a very long time, if conception can happen if the guy didn’t org@.$m or ejaculate. It’s quite possible because of what is called the pre-ejaculate fluid, more commonly known as pre-cum. Although, its quite small in quantity. About 41% of men produce pre-cum that contains sperm, and you know how sperm work, it only takes one to make a baby, and there are millions of those floating around.

7. Regular org@.$ms are natural anti-depressant

Org@.$ms make us feel so good that it can affect our moods, move us to a better place. They also help increase immunity, keep away infection and cold.

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8. Women’s pain threshold can go up as much as 107% during org@.$m

During org@.$m, the sensation gets so high that it can relieve pain for up to 10 minutes.

9. The older you’re, the better the org@.$m

As we get older, the org@.$ms get better. A study found out 61% of women between the age of 18 and 24 experienced org@.$m while it rose to 70% among women in their 40’s to 50’s.

10. The world record for most org@.$ms in an hour is 16 for a man and 134 for a woman.

This experiment was achieved by at the Center for Marital and S3@.x:’ual Studies in California, the record for the longest was in 1966, the lady had a 45 second org@.$m that had 25 individual contractions.

11. Women can urinate and org@.$m at the time while it’s impossible for men.

Have you tried it before? Did you pull it off? For a guy, it’s highly doubtful that it’ll happen. The reason why it cannot happen is because the opening to the bladder closes as org@.$m is about to begin, this mechanism is to prevent urine from mixing with sperm. For a woman, the clitoris and V@.g!na are pretty close to the bladder and can get prodded during S3@.x:’ with the aid of anything such as finger, Pen.!s or vibrator. By putting pressure on the bladder, a small amount of urine can come.

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It might be okay to say that the fluid that is ejected during female ejaculation is not urine.

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