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100% Facts That Guarantees Cristiano Ronaldo Can Never Win 2016 Ballon d’Or… (See Shocing Stats)

  No doubt Cristiano Ronaldo might forfeit his nomination once he sees some of these facts! Lionel messi is definitely in a class of his own.   Barcelona were once again indebted to Leo Messi for his stunning display at Sevilla on Sunday evening. Luis Enrique’s side won the match 2-1 with Leo Messi scoring Barcelona’s equaliser with […]

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5 Things That Will 100% Kill Your Relationship (Unless You Stop Now)

Here are 5 of the most common sources of relationship troubles, so you can identify what is going on and get yourselves back on track. 1. Having expectations of how you should be loved. There is a natural human desire for love and acceptance. When this desire turns into an expectation, it often leads to disappointment and demands. Truth is, […]

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