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Tag: 2017 NECO Fishery Theory and obj Paper 1 and Paper 2 ANSWERS NOW AVAILABLE

NECO 2017 Fishery Obj And Essay Questions & Answers

  [6/16, 05:00 AM] ‪+2348176094328‬: Fishery-Ans 1ai) i)Low technology ii)Seeds scarcity and inadequacy iii)Land restriction iv)Technical problem associated with production and management v)Water pollution 1aii) i)THE LAND ii)THE SOURCE OF WATER iii)ACCESSIBILITY iv)SECURITY v)FAR AWAY FROM POLLUTION   [6/16, 06:18 AM] ‪+2348176094328‬: Fishery-Obj 1-10: BEDBBBEADB More loading …stay online       If you want […]

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