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Tag: 2017 VERIFIED NECO Free CRS Obj and theory Answers have been posted

NECO 2017 CRS/CRK Obj And Essay Questions & Answers

NECO Christian Religious Studies (CRS/CRK) OBJ, THEORY/ESSAY Questions and Answer – June/July 2017 Expo Runz Verified and confirmed CRS OBJ 1-10 ADAEAEEABE 11-20 EBEDBCCACA 21-30 CECECDECCC 31-40 ECAAAAEADB 41-50 ADCCEACECA 51-60 CECACEDAEE 4b) i)Jesus needed disciple’s to continue his work after his ascension ii)Jesus needed them to firmly plant the seed if Christianity. iii) he […]

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