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Tag: 2017 VERIFIED NECO Free Further maths Obj and theory Answers have been posted

NECO 2017 Further Mathematics Obj And Essay Answer – June/July Expo

NECO Further Maths OBJ, THEORY/ESSAY Questions and Answer – June/July 2017 Expo Runz F/Maths Obj: 1EBDCAACBAD 11DEAECBECBD 21DDBDEEBEEB 31ACAADEBCED 41ABECBBDEAA F/Maths Theory solutions 2a) Log2 (x – 2y) =0——->{1} Log2 (4y – x) = 1——->{2} X-2y=2^0——->{1} -x+4y=2^1——->{2} X-2y=0 -x+4y=2 2y=2 Y=1 Sub y=1 into eqn{1} X-2(1)=0 X-2=0 X=2 Therefore X=2 and Y=-1 Further mathematics neco […]

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