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Angry Bodybuilder Slaps Judge In The Face After Losing Competition (Photos+Video)

Giannis Magkos wasn’t pleased with the results of the International Federation of Bodybuilders Diamond Cup in Athens over the weekend, and made sure to let one of the judges know. Magkos won the 100kg division, but lost the overall competition. Footage has since surfaced showing Magkos approaching longtime IFBB judge Armando Marquez afterwards and slapping […]

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Drama as Angry Landlord Locks All of His Tenants Inside the Compound… You Won’t Believe Why He Did It

A landlord who had gotten so angry with his tenants over an altercation, has stunned people with a really weird reaction. Residents try to open the main gate doors to gain access to the Aden House. Photo: Elvis Okello   An angry Kenyan landlord shocked people yesterday when he locked his tenants inside their houses […]

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Angry Donald Trump Protester Sh*ts On His Poster to Show How Much She Hates Him

This woman HATES Donald Trump so much, she peed and pooed on his poster to prove how much she dislikes him being president. Watch the ridiculous clip below. The post Angry Donald Trump Protester Sh*ts On His Poster to Show How Much She Hates Him appeared first on GL Trends. Source: Gltrends 751 total views, 4 views […]

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Child-Kidnapping Witch Doctor’ Str!pped And Beaten By Angry Mob In Imo (Photos)

A female self-confessed ‘child-kidnapping witch doctor’ -was stripped Nakked and beaten before being $exually assaulted after she was caught right in the act. The woman – it is reported – had been caught red-handed trying to lure away young children with promises of ice cream in Imo state. The brutal mob turned the tables on […]

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Tension as Angry Residents Scare Policemen After Storming Police Station to Make Demands

Police officers have been given a serious scare after storming the police station with a list of demands to be met. The angry residents protested outside the police station. Photo by . Photo by Godfrey Pandeka    This is the moment residents of a South African community were caught on camera protesting outside a police […]

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