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Jealous Boyfriend Goes On Rampage Over His Alleged Cheat!ng Girlfriend (Photo)

A jealous lover went on rampage over his alleged Cheat!ng girlfriend -burning down houses including two belonging to another family. This comes after a man allegedly torched their homes last week in a fit of rage because his girlfriend apparently had an affair with one of their relatives. The Motlhaolwa family from Dithakong Village in […]

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Brutality! See What Hairdressers Did to a Woman After Her Boyfriend Took Her to a Salon and Ran Away (Photos)

A young lady has been made to go through a most humiliating experience of her life after she was abandoned by her boyfriend in a salon. Nothando being dragged about   A woman identified simply as Nothando, from Zimbabwe has been given the beating of her life recently.   She was beaten up inside a salon […]

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My Boyfriend Has Proposed to Me 7 Times in Just 1 Year – Young Lady Shares Stunning Story

A young lady has told a rather stunning story about her boyfriend’s weird manners which has left her completely worried.   File photo used only for illustrative purpose   The young lady shared her story on break_or_makeup telling stunned readers about her boyfriend.   According to her, the young man has proposed to her for […]

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Teenage Girl Sends $ex Pictures To Her Friend’s Boyfriend After Disagreement (Must See)

A teenager sent pictures of herself and her friend having a threesome with another man to her friend’s boyfriend. Abigail Stringfellow had used her mobile phone to take pictures of the encounter. She then sent them as so-called ‘revenge P0rn’ to her friend’s partner after a row about a coat. After friends fell out, she […]

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My Boyfriend Died and was Buried 4 Years Ago, But He Still Comes to Poke Me Every Night – Woman Cries Out

A woman has cried in horror after being beset by her dead boyfriend who gives her eerie chills every night with his antics.   File photo used only for illustrative purpose   Noxolo Sangweni, a 32-year-old South African woman has made a startling revelation that has stunned people.   The woman has confessed that her […]

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My Best Friend Suspects Her Boyfriend is Cheat!ng on Her But She Doesn’t Know It’s With Me – Woman Confesses

A young woman who is obviously filled with guilt has come out to admit having an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend. File photo used only for illustrative purpose   The young woman shared her story with online readers who were shocked at its content.   According to her, she has a best friend who […]

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