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I Won’t Push For Further Investigation Of Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump

Despite the threats made by US President-elect, Donald Trump that he would push for further investigation of Hillary Clinton related to her private email use and the Clinton Foundation, his close adviser said on Tuesday, November 22 that he won’t go ahead with it. Trump triggered consternation — and widespread condemnation — when he made […]

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All is Not Lost: Hillary Clinton Can Still Become President on This One Scenario Before Trump is Sworn-In

It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton can still become the President of the United States of America if this one thing happens before Donald Trump is sworn-in. Hillary Clinton   For die-hard Democrats holding out hope that they won’t have to live through a Trump presidency, there is a last, incredibly long shot for […]

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TB Joshua Quietly Re-uploads Clinton Prophesy on Facebook as Followers Defend Him

After he was bashed and mocked for the deleting the failed Clinton prophecy, Prophet TB Joshua has re-uploaded the prediction on Facebook. Prophet TB Joshua   Following his failed prediction that Hillary Clinton would become the next president of the United States of America, only for Donald Trump to shock the world to emerge victorious, […]

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‘I’m Sorry We Did Not Win This Election’ – Hillary Clinton Delivers Powerful Concession Speech

Hillary Clinton has given a powerful concession speech following her unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the journey to gaining the White House.   Hillary Clinton met with her staff and supporters for the first time after losing to Donald Trump on Wednesday in New York. This is coming Hours after conceding the 2016 presidential election […]

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Why God Made Hillary Clinton to Lose the Election – Ex Presidential Aide Makes Shocking Revelation

A former presidential aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan, has spoken out on why Hillary Clinton lost out in the race to the White House. Doyin Okupe   Doyin Okupe is a former special adviser to former president Goodluck Jonathan. The ex-presidential aide has weighed in on why Hillary Clinton lost the US presidential race. […]

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U.S Election: Hillary Clinton Takes 3-point Poll Lead over Donald Trump with Four Days to Go

Despite the e-mail leak of Hillary Clinton as exposed by Wiki Leaks, she is still topping her counterpart Donald Trump in the presidential polls. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton   With four days to go before election day, one new poll gives Hillary Clinton a three-point national lead over Donald Trump.   The poll also […]

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U.S Poll: Hillary Clinton Widens Gap Against Donald Trump

U.S Republican candidate for the forthcoming presidential election – Donald Trump is currently struggling against his Democratic Party counterpart in the election polls. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton   Hillary Clinton has created a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows. […]

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