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End Time Madness? Nigerian Man Destroys the Bible, Says It’s Useless and He Uses It for Toilet (Photos)

In yet another act of insanity displayed publicly on social media, a young man has destroyed the Holy Bible, saying it’s of the devil. The young man and his torn Bible   According to a young Nigerian man identified as Udummiri Nwakalu who shared the disturbing photos of himself holding a torn Bible on Facebook, […]

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VIDEO: Nigerian Air Force Destroys Another Set Of Illegal Oil Barges In Rivers State

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed another set of illegal oil barges in River States. Two of the latest barges filled with stolen oil were set ablaze by NAF helicopters on armed patrol around Okoromabie and South East of Port Harcourt refinery. The third barge, surrounded by canoes carrying drums, was sited at Onne. […]

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Omg! African Woman Destroys Cheat!ng Husband’s Expensive Car After Catching Him at His Girlfriend’s House (Watch Video)

A woman has left people shocked after she used a stone to destroy her husband’s car because she caught him at his girlfriend’s house. The woman destroyed the husband’s car   An angry wife went on rampage destroying her husband’s expensive car. According to information provided by Alfredo MotoMoto Mpembamoto, the woman spotted her husband’s […]

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Unbelievable! Man Angrily Buys and Destroys 15 iPhones After an Attendant Did This to Him (Video)

A man has stunned people with his brazen display of wealth and and affluence after destroying costly phones to show off.   An obviously wealthy young man from Thailand has become the talk of the internet.   The man became an internet sensation after a video of him buying and destroying over 15 iPhones including […]

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