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Man Took His Wife’s Phone For Repairs What He Find In It Will Shock You

Man Find Out About His Wife Secret Lover A Zimbabwean man who is identified as Moses Munesi, has uncovered his wife Chenai Mirairo Jeyacheya’s secret affair, in the worst way ever. According to Moses reports,he had taken Chenai’s phone for repairs when he stumbled upon pictures of his wife, sharing intimate hugs and kissing her […]

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10 Types Of Nigerian Students You Will Find In Every Exam Hall (Photos)

During exams, the true students always surfaced. Exams were usually periods of horror, especially for the students who did not study throughout. Here are some of the characters you’d definitely find in every exam hall. 1. The brainy ones These ones were usually very smart and knew all the answers to all the questions. Exams […]

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Horror! Family Wake Up Only to Find a Cross from a Graveyard Tied with a Dead Owl in Front of their Home

A family has been left horribly shocked after waking up to find something unbelievably weird in front of their home.   These things were found by a family in front of their home one morning   The members of a  South African family have been left completely traumatized.   Their agony started when they woke […]

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