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Omg! Three Muslims Who Converted to Christianity to be Flogged in Public for Drinking Holy Communion Wine (Photo)

A shock wave has ran across Iran after three Muslim men who converted to Christianity were ordered by a Sharia court to be given 80 lashes. Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and his wife Fatemeh Pasandideh were also arrested   Three Christians have been ordered by a Sharia court in Iran to be given 80 lashes of […]

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Teenage Woman Flogged Publicly In Indonesia For Standing Too Close To Her Boyfriend (Photos)

A 20-year-old woman was forced to undergo a public caning today after being caught standing too close to her boyfriend in Banda Aceh province. Under Islamic Sharia law, unmarried couples are forbidden from becoming too intimate. And after being accused of breaking the rules, she was brought to a stage outside a mosque after being […]

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