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How to join Nigerian Air Force ( No fee required)

The Nigerian Air Force has released the guidlines for Airmen/Airwomen recruitment exericse 2017. According to information made available on NAF’s Facebook page, interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at for free. Yes, for FREE. Below are the guidelines 1. Interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at 2. […]

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Reps Introduce Bill that Will Force President and Governors to Appoint Cabinet Members Within 30 Days

Following the delay witnessed in the appointment of Ministers by the President, the House of Reps have moved in to mandate that cabinet members be appointed within 30 days. House of Representatives   A bill that would compel the president and governors to nominate their ministers and commissioners within 30 days of being sworn in […]

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Female Dancers Force Little Boys To Hold Them As They Tw@rk At Children’s Party (Photos)

A creepy video has emerged of two young boys at a children’s party being forced to hold fully-grown women from behind while they Tw@rk and grind on them. Shot in Peru, it shows an event at an unidentified school where two boys, aged around six, are partnered in dances with provocatively dressed young women. The […]

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Nigerian Air Force Attacks Boko Haram Locations In Borno, Many Insurgents Killed (Video)

The Nigerian Air Force fighter jets have attacked a number of Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) locations in Northern Borno, killing several insurgents. On 16 November 2016, an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft reported a gathering of BHTs under a tree at Kadari. An Alpha Jet on armed reconnaissance was called in to strafe the […]

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VIDEO: Nigerian Air Force Destroys Another Set Of Illegal Oil Barges In Rivers State

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed another set of illegal oil barges in River States. Two of the latest barges filled with stolen oil were set ablaze by NAF helicopters on armed patrol around Okoromabie and South East of Port Harcourt refinery. The third barge, surrounded by canoes carrying drums, was sited at Onne. […]

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Photos Of Air Force Personnel Working On Nigeria’s First Indigenous Drone Flight

Here are photos of a Nigerian Air Force NAF Personnel working on a GULMA drone. The GULMA drone which was unveiled by Goodluck Jonathan’s regime, is the country’s first indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), designed and constructed by the Nigerian Air Force. Besides its diverse military application, the vessel provides a range of benefits in […]

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