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China Is Building ANOTHER Sky-high Glass Bridge -And This Time It’s ‘Invisible’ (Photos)

China is building yet another terrifying glass-bottomed bridge in its ‘Avatar’ mountains. It was only in August that the Chinese unveiled the world’s longest and highest glass bridge in the mountain range that inspired the film Avatar, in the Hunan province, but now architects have gone one further. They’ve designed an ‘invisible’ bridge that’s spectacular […]

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Meet The ‘Magnetic’ Man Who Attracts Metal And Glass To His Body (Photos)

Muhibija Buljubasic, from Srebenik in Bosnia Herzegovina, claims to have a special talent that allows him to stick random objects onto parts of his body. The 58-year-old discovered his ‘magnetic’ abilities eight years ago after watching a woman putting tablespoons on her body on television. Since then he has been pictured with a remarkable range […]

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