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Groom Forced To Wear Gown At His Wedding Because Of His Fiancée’s Weight (Photos)

A woman from China, Ou Qian was self-conscious about looking fat in her wedding gown. To show his love and support, her fiancée, Wu Shuai, wore her dress to their ceremony. The unconventional wedding was held in at hotel in the Shunqing district of Nanchong city on December 10. At the ceremony the bride, walked […]

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Omg! Watch Nigerian Groom and His American Bride Do Amazing Dance Moves at Their Wedding (Video)

A Nigerian man and his American wife has left people thrilled at their wedding reception with their amazing dance moves. The amazing couple danced to the delight of the audience.   This video is already trending online. The unnamed Nigerian man and his wife took people by surprise as they performed an amazing dance leaving […]

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Bride Forced To Marry “Alone” As Groom Misses Wedding Due To SWAT Exercise Contest

A bride was left to marry “alone” as the groom chose to compete in a SWAT exercise contest instead of showing up in their wedding ceremony in southwest China’s Guizhou province, November 16. The groom is part of the special unit of local police department. He and his wife-to-be set up the wedding plan a […]

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President Buhari’s Daughter’s Wedding: See How Much the Groom Paid as Fatima’s Bride Price

The amount of money the man who married President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter paid as bride price gas been revealed.   Fatima and her husband,  Malam Yau Gimba Kumo   President Buhari on Friday, formally married off his daughter, Fatima, to Malam Yau Gimba Kumo.   The event took place in Daura, his home town.   The […]

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Saudi Groom Divorces His Wife 2 Hours After Wedding For Sharing Pictures On Snapchat

A marriage in Saudi Arabia lasted just two hours – because the bride broke an agreement not to share pictures of the ceremony over Snapchat. The groom, upon learning that images of the wedding had been sent to female friends of his new wife, immediately filed for divorce. The agreement not to share pictures or […]

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