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See Photos Of The UNN Student Who Killed Himself Before His Tragic End

Here are photos of the final year student of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who killed himself due to the accumulated debt caused by betting. The student, identified as Tobechukwu Okeke was found on Sunday morning, November 27, dangling from a rope in his room at Odenigwe, a community in Nsukka, Enugu […]

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Police Officer Hangs Himself After Colleagues Found Indecent Pictures in His Possession (Photo)

People were left in serious shock following the decision of a police officer to kill himself after he was found in possession of indecent photos. PC Kevin Ellis, of Castleford, West Yorkshire   A police officer left his family and colleagues in shock after he hanged himself hours after he was arrested on suspicion of […]

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Zoo Keeper Disguises Himself In Order To Provoke Crocodile. See What He Did (Photos)

A zoo keeper in Colorado, U.S., was recently seen donned in a T-Rex costume, confronting with a crocodile in a pond inside the premises of the zoo. Macdonald Jason, the “Tyrannosaurus”, said he merely wanted to provoke the crocodile in the hope of making it move more so can lose a bit of weight. Fortunately, […]

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