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The Very BAD Advice Pastors Give That’ll Keep You Sad, Single and Searching

After the disappointment of a broken engagement, a relationship with a cheater and years of no prospects at all, I discovered that much of what we learned in church about dating, men and marriage wasn’t really helpful. And though there were scriptures used to enforce these teachings, most of it was simply opinions. They were […]

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Take Note: These Are 5 Things You Must Keep in Mind When Getting a Driver’s License in Nigeria

If you have been thinking of getting a driver’s license in recent times, then you should be going through this write-up right now.   A driver’s license is a very important document in Nigeria. It allows you to operate a vehicle legally and serves as a form of identification.   Unfortunately, the process of getting […]

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Don’t be Scammed Online! These are 7 Ways to Keep Information Safe on the Internet

Making transactions online can be very risky sometimes and one can fall a victim of fraud. These are ways you can play safe online.   file photo   It’s almost unavoidable to buy products online or give personal information to trusted websites. Unfortunately, that information isn’t always safe and criminals can easily access sensitive knowledge […]

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How Christian Association of Nigeria Paid Me N1m to Keep Quiet Over Jonathan’s N7bn Largesse – Pastor Ali Dikwa Confesses

A pastor has confessed how he was bribed with N1 million to close his mouth on the alleged Goodluck Jonathan’s N7 billion donation given to Christian Association of Nigeria.   Jos-based clergy, Pastor Kallamu Ali Dikwa   A Jos-based clergy, Pastor Kallamu Ali Dikwa, yesterday confessed how he was bribed with N1 million to keep […]

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