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NECO 2017 Literature In English Obj And Prose Answer – June/July Expo

NECO Literature In English Obj And Prose THEORY/ESSAY Questions and Answer – June/July 2017 Expo Runz LITERATURE THEME IN THE NOVEL INCLUDE NO2 Discrimination Against Women The women in this novel bore the hardship inflicted on them by the male characters who were mostly absent fathers, murderers and rapists. For instance, Kwei, Maa Tsuru’s lover […]

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NECO 2017 Further Mathematics Obj And Essay Answer – June/July Expo

NECO Further Maths OBJ, THEORY/ESSAY Questions and Answer – June/July 2017 Expo Runz F/Maths Obj: 1EBDCAACBAD 11DEAECBECBD 21DDBDEEBEEB 31ACAADEBCED 41ABECBBDEAA F/Maths Theory solutions 2a) Log2 (x – 2y) =0——->{1} Log2 (4y – x) = 1——->{2} X-2y=2^0——->{1} -x+4y=2^1——->{2} X-2y=0 -x+4y=2 2y=2 Y=1 Sub y=1 into eqn{1} X-2(1)=0 X-2=0 X=2 Therefore X=2 and Y=-1 Further mathematics neco […]

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NECO 2017 CRS/CRK Obj And Essay Questions & Answers

NECO Christian Religious Studies (CRS/CRK) OBJ, THEORY/ESSAY Questions and Answer – June/July 2017 Expo Runz Verified and confirmed CRS OBJ 1-10 ADAEAEEABE 11-20 EBEDBCCACA 21-30 CECECDECCC 31-40 ECAAAAEADB 41-50 ADCCEACECA 51-60 CECACEDAEE 4b) i)Jesus needed disciple’s to continue his work after his ascension ii)Jesus needed them to firmly plant the seed if Christianity. iii) he […]

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2017 NECO Data Processing Practical Quesions And Answers

Verified NECO 2017 Data Processing practical (Practical & Practical) question NECO Free 2017/2018 Data Processing practical & Practical Questions and answers have been posted FOR FREE OOOO 2017/2018 NECO Data Processing practical AND Practical ANSWERS NOW AVAILABLE. ANSWERS NOW POSTED BY ADMIN. CLICK BELOW IMAGE FOR THE ANSWERS NOW. NECO 2017/2018 verified Data Processing practical […]

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