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Kidnappers Including A Woman Str!pped Un.clad After Being Caught In Calabar (Photos)

According to a report filtering in from Calabar, Cross River State capital city, kidnappers from Delta and Enugu States -stormed Calabar today to kidnap people. However, they ran out of luck as they were apprehended by residents of Calabar with one victim. They were stripped Un.clad and beaten before being handed over to the police… […]

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Child-Kidnapping Witch Doctor’ Str!pped And Beaten By Angry Mob In Imo (Photos)

A female self-confessed ‘child-kidnapping witch doctor’ -was stripped Nakked and beaten before being $exually assaulted after she was caught right in the act. The woman – it is reported – had been caught red-handed trying to lure away young children with promises of ice cream in Imo state. The brutal mob turned the tables on […]

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