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Unemployed Man Spends $2.1m Buying Expensive Cars and Luxury Items After it was Wrongly Paid Into His Account…Then This Happened (Photos)

A man has been declared free by the Supreme Court after he spent a whopping $2.1 million dollars buying expensive cars after the money was wrongly paid to his account. Luke Moore was declared innocent and a free man   An unemployed man who splurged $2.1million on luxury holidays, fast cars, and a boat after […]

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As the Lack of Jobs Increases! See the Categories of Unemployed People Currently in Nigeria

It is no longer news that unemployment in Nigeria has grown to unprecedented heights in recent years. These are the categories of people who have been affected by the unemployment scourge. Nigerians   Unemployment in Nigeria has always been a difficult task to conquer by both past and present governments even though employment programs are […]

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