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The 10 Everyday Moments That Will Make A Nigerian Mother Pray In Tongues (Photos)




The average Nigerian mother is so superstitious and religious to the extent that she believes there’s a spiritual connection to almost EVERYTHING around us.

You might be wondering what at all will make a Nigerian mother pray in tongues for a solution, well!! here are some few common things that will bring a Nigerian mother to her knees and pray in tongues.

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1. A Nightmare

Nightmares have been with us since the creation of man and every inpidual in this world has experienced it including babies. But to the average Nigerian mother, it just doesn’t happen, they believe it’s a message or a spiritual attack. In other countries, if a child gets a nightmare their parents will tell them it is just a nightmare, in Nigeria if you get a nightmare, your mother will call for an all night prayer session.


Image: How Africa


2. Walking Into Cobwebs

Cobwebs can be found everywhere and sometimes they are so light you can hardly see them but to the average Nigerian mother, walking through one is an attack on your life and this will send her into a sporadic prayer session casting out demons and binding the devil and bringing down brimstone on the heads of her enemies.


Photo: Pinterest


3. Hitting Her Left Foot Against A Stone

Most Nigerian mothers see this as bad luck and will go into serious prayers should it happen to them on their way for a business transaction. This will make her shout some “hay ri ba ba hay ri ba ba!!!” before continuing her journey.

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4. A Crab In Her Bedroom

Crabs are common in some parts of Nigeria and they love to hide in cool and dark places so it’s common to find them under your bed. However, if a Nigerian mother sees such a sight, we are calling the pastor and we are buying some kerosene, matches and burning the devil into ashes and when it is hairy, that’s even worst.


Photo: DevonCrab


5. Wall Gecko

These do exactly as their name implies, they crawl on walls but the average Nigerian mother sees it as the devil’s informant and will rain down prayers on them when they see them in their bedroom. They can even tell when one is pregnant or not, men, on the other hand, can’t even differentiate between the male and female ones.


Photo: AlternateLifeFormsDotWordpress


6. A Black Cat

Cats come in all colours but to the average Nigerian mother, the black ones are demons. In other countries, waking up and seeing a black cat in your room will only make you smile, you might even take it in and cater for it. However, woe betides a black cat who finds its way into a Nigerian mother’s home. Not only will she rain prayers on it, she’s likely to get her whole family, neighbours and even the media involved.

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7. Overspeeding

If you’re a young man who loves speeding when driving, you better not give a Nigerian mother a lift or else you will receive some tongue lashing and strong prayers for trying to send her to her ‘early’ grave no matter how old she is.


Image: Vintage East Africa


8. When A Car Tilts

In a commercial vehicle, if the car hits a pothole and tilts slightly to the side, the kind of prayers that will flow from the average Nigerian mother is more powerful than the fire God sent onto the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.




9. Thunder And Lightning

Thunder and lightning are natural occurrences but to the average Nigerian mother, a strong one is not natural and has some spiritual connection to it because they believe it means someone has probably been cursed with the thunder, this sends them into a torrential prayer session to prevent any harm to her family.



10. A Storm

Just like thunder and lightning, a storm is also a natural occurrence but to the average Nigerian mother, it means the world is coming to an end and this can make her pray till God changes His mind. This is why the world can never come to end….lol


Image: Pinterest

Nigerian mothers are super protective over their families and will not leave any stone unturned to protect them.


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